by Welman

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Meteorology is our debut release recorded in our basement with love. We couldn't have done this without the support of our families and most importantly NDE records.


released September 22, 2015

All music and lyrics made collaboratively by Ethan Ehlers, Angelo Chavez, and Tyler Keir.

Mixed and mastered by Ethan Ehlers.

Special shouts out to Craig Lindholm, your support means the world to us and we still can't believe that a record label was even interested in us let alone hustled to make this project happen. Thank you so much.




Welman South Lyon, Michigan

A surfy post-something band with an edge from the Ann Arbor area. We hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoy making it.
FFO: Title Fight, Tiny Moving Parts, and City of Caterpillar.


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Track Name: Shell
Verse 1: I can't let go
from what I set in stone.
What's to learn?

The ground
is wearing thin
but my head's
still in the clouds.
What's to learn?

Chorus: Tail slides and long nights, an empty room.
Same walls with new eyes, I compromise.
Turning down and shutting out, a weak attempt.
Tail slides and long nights...

Become a wreck. A pariah. Just a shell,
of someone you used to know. Nothing more.

Verse 2: So where to go
when you can't be alone?
What's to learn?

I know
that shelter waits
but behind
my better days.
What's to learn?

Repeat chorus.
Track Name: New England
Verse 1: I guess that I lost taste, in the finer things.
No one told me that life would lose its luster
quicker than you'd expect, but I guess
nightmares could still be beautiful so I'll just
sleep it off.

Chorus: It's hard to explain but we can't get along
and the most I can break its what's in my arms
no I'm not sober but days still feel long
and the least I can say is that I'm moving on.
the least I can say is that I'm moving on
the least i can say is that I'm moving on
And the least I can say is that i'm moving on.

Verse 2: What looks so fucking perfect seems like
something to go wrong
but my days have gotten darker. They tell me,
give up to go on.

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus

Outro: Is it that easy to leave? Forget my name, my face
I need space. I need space.
Track Name: Cold
Verse 1: Watch the snow fall
Spend six months in my room
Nothing changes
Just standing still.

Chorus: Well it begs the question,
is it the way it should be?
And I can't but thinking,
do I really wanna know?

Verse 2: And its still cold
Do you remember when spring began?
overwhelmed by everything,
yet nothing at all.

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus
Track Name: Stutter
Verse 1: Is it always in my head, or am I finding the cracks?
Do I overcomplicate, am I often off track?
If I express it slowly will someone listen?
I write in a notebook with no intentions.

Pre-chorus: I'll try not to be a burden
Promise not to say a word
I can't help but be uncertain
Tell me where I'm going.

Chorus: Fuck it all
I'll go alone
cuz these last years
have taken their toll
but within pain
you find soul.

Verse 2: Well it's always in my head and I did find the cracks.
I overcomplicate to get back on track.
Can't express it quickly so I'll just listen.
Cheap shit in a notebook with no intention.

Repeat pre-chorus

Chorus: Fuck it all
I'll go alone
cuz these last years
have taken their toll
but within pain
you find soul
you find soul
you find soul.
Track Name: Meteorology
Verse 1: It's when the clouds come that you start to lose your mind.
Gray days come and go you know you're losing time.
Dark clouds are up above so we hide behind our walls.
Sky's feeling heavier but the rain just won't fall.

Refrain: I can't go on like this, I can't go on.
I just can't live like this, just can't live like this.

Chorus: Let the sunshine through
take a deep breath.
count to ten and
oh we're alive again

and when the winds come
don't be afraid
cuz they mean change
and thats ok.

watch the tides toll
behind a window pane
but the water's find
just wash away

so find a clear view
a couple extra steps
never mind time
just watch the sun set.

Verse 2: So when you're locked inside getting back in touch with time.
Nothing left to say or do being bored never felt so right.
Storms rage and disengage to remind us we are small.
Maybe it's a hard lesson but we all have to fall.

Repeat refrain.

Repeat chorus.